Julie E – December 2017

To be truthful I’m not usually into card reading and the like but I was drawn to Michelle and it seemed like a good time for me to seek some guidance in my business. The reading she gave pretty much hit the nail on the head and clarified what I had been thinking for a while. I was ungrounded and had so much going on in my head (which is so true) that I needed to focus, open my heart to what I truly wanted and also create some boundaries – all of which I totally agree with. After spending the week before Christmas fitting people into my therapy business (that I didn’t really need to and not keeping any boundaries up to when to stop working) I spent most of Christmas in bed with flu – today is probably my the first day I’ve actually felt ‘human’.
There was also a lot to do with opening my heart chakra and I think this is to do with being very proud of asking for help – I think I see it as a sign of weakness and this is stopping me getting the help of my guides. Overall I would recommend Michelle if you are feeling at a point in your life that you need some guidance.

Natasha B – 20th December 2017

Had a wonderful session with Michelle yesterday.

I asked for clarity and her name was given to me. True to the guidance, she indeed gave me clarity!

The very first card was me all over: indecisiveness- she knew I had a trillion business ideas in my head and I was getting stuck procrastinating. I was given angelic guidance on how to overcome this and find a way forward for my business. It was comforting to know I had angelic support and confirmation I am on the right path, especially with my new membership club idea I’m planning to launch in Feb. I especially loved the fact that my health and business are so intertwined and she said that I am a healer who learns from my own experience and then uses that to help others. I’ve always known helping others is my destiny, there’s no better feeling than making a difference.

At one point I felt emotional and she had already picked up this feeling prior to the session and had a healing spray ready. I was actually holding back tears and as she said to imagine the spray around me, the lump in my throat disappeared and the emotion faded. No tears

Off to do my recommended meditation and affirmations

Thanks Michelle!

Lesley K – December 2017

I had an ‘Archangel Metatron Channelled Card Reading’ with Michelle today. I felt like I had come to a crossroads in my career path and needed some guidance. The reading confirmed everything I knew deep down, but gave me the tools and an extra strength to move in the right direction. I now have a clearer mind. I found Michelle to be very friendly and down to earth, putting me at ease, but giving me the confidence that she is a professional and knows her stuff. Feel more positive about the future now!

Sonia P – December 2017

I had a wonderful reading with Michelle. After what has been a very challenging year for me I wanted to get some perspective and find a bit of peace so that I could start the new year with the right energy and mindset. Michelle definitely gave me some very useful insights. I found the reading very helpful and am now feeling much more optimistic about the year ahead. I would highly recommend a reading with Michelle.

Suzie D – 2017

I had a wonderful reading from Michelle today. It was so incite full, I was blown away. I’ve taken so much away from it. If you haven’t experienced a reading from Michelle I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much, I will definitely be back for another reading in the future. Thank you so much


I have just had such a fab session with Michelle. I have had reflexology to induce labour before, which I found really painful, so I was a bit apprehensive. Michelle’s treatment was so relaxing and not even slightly painful, and I basically fell asleep for the 45 minute duration... I am 40 weeks today, so here’s hoping!! Much appreciated Michelle, I am feeling really great after today’s session and a little less anxious about the birth xx

Lynn W

Michelle has been treating me throughout my third trimester and has turned me from a doubting Thomas into a believer in all things holistic. I am sure she has transformed my last weeks of pregnancy, I feel great and baby goes mad whenever I hop (well ok, flop) on her treatment table. Thank you Michelle, we have both loved being looked after by you x

Sacha M - Banstead

“I recently had a Etheric Weaver Healing session with Michelle. I came along to the session with no idea of what this session was about or how it may help me, but I came with an open mind. Although I use a lot of natural products to help with ailments and my daily lifestyle, I am not that familiar with some of the methods that Michelle uses – but I’m keen to learn. She made me feel completely at ease, explained exactly what she was going to do and made me aware of what I may experience. I find it very difficult to totally relax and switch off, as many of us do, but know that for me to move forward in my business, and to find inner peace, I need to learn this. Michelle picked up on this during the session. During the session I relaxed like I haven’t done in a long time, my mind switched off to everything other than what was going on around me. The session ended and I felt a lightness (hard to explain) and a relaxation that I haven’t done for a long time, and I came away feeling very happy – something that stayed with me for the rest of the day.  I am very happy to recommend her services to anyone, and especially the Weaver Healing, and suggest that you be open enough to see her. Thank you Michelle!”

Sue - Epsom

“I have experienced two fabulous healing and colour treatments in the past two weeks and I am highly impressed by her skills, care, intuition, kindness and generosity as a therapist. I am a business coach for women in the business of therapy and well- being and I have to say having experienced many therapies and therapists, Michelle is one of the best out there! Highly recommend her, especially as she has a real ability to integrate her therapies seamlessly, for the benefit of the client!”

Maria - Sutton

I had my first full weaver healing session with Michelle at the weekend. I’m currently going through a tough period and find it very hard to relax and keep myself emotionally stable, Michelle changed all that for me at the weekend. During the session I managed to completely switch off, Michelle’s calming voice reminded me of the need for time for me aiding me into a meditative state. I have been calm and more relaxed since my session and what’s more I haven’t cried either. I will definitely be booking in for more. Thank you Michelle.

Claire - Sutton

“Today I had the privilege of meeting Michelle for a Weaver therapy session. I am fairly new to alternative therapies and I am really interested in how different techniques can aid healing within us. I was given a really warm welcome by Michelle and taken into her wonderfully calm and relaxing cabin. Michelle explained what she was going to do and told me a bit about the Weaver. I then laid down on the bed and tuned into my breathing to the chanting music that was playing. I experienced many different feelings during the treatment, smells, light, movement within my own body, heat and a sense of calm and relaxation. Afterwards, Michelle was able to tell me the areas of weakness within my body and areas that I needed to work on. I was amazed when she told me to get my thyroid checked as this was something that I had only been reading and researching about earlier in the week! She also picked up that I have an autoimmune problem, and that I need to cut out certain food groups in order to heal my body from the inside. I knew this already, but had chosen to ignore it! I can ignore it no more! I had not mentioned any of my problems to Michelle before my treatment so when she mentioned these things to me, I was blown away! I have already booked in for my next treatment and I would urge anyone who is thinking of trying out this therapy to give it a go, you may well be as surprised as I was! Thank you Michelle and I look forward to my next treatment.”

Katie - Epsom

“Thank you Michelle – Early this month my dad (a young 70 years) had a terrible fall and was suffering from shock, exhaustion and pain. Michelle put together some Homeopathic remedies for him and a week later he was a different man. His injuries were healing quickly and the shock had resided. He was finally returning back to normal and was so much better emotionally as well as physically. Thank you Michelle for helping my dad when he needed it most!” 

Carolina - Epsom

Soul Coach, Quest in Epsom

“Thank you Michelle for the lovely crystal healing yesterday. I slept so well last night and feel ready for the world today. A lovely positive treatment that I highly recommend. Oh and as advised I have my little crystals in my pocket. Thanks again “X

Amy - Epsom

“Thank you so much Michelle for my fantastic reflexology. I highly recommend Michelle’s healing hands, she makes you feel completely at ease & takes you to another zone whilst working on your problem areas. Thank you so much, can’t wait to come back for my hot stone massage & more!!” Xx


Claire - Sutton

“Thank you so much Michelle for my fantastic reflexology. I highly recommend Michelle’s healing hands, she makes you feel completely at ease & takes you to another zone whilst working on your problem areas. Thank you so much, can’t wait to come back for my hot stone massage & more!!” Xx


Rebecca - Epsom

“I can really recommend the Winter Tonic which Michelle  gave me for my two children to boost their immune system through the winter months. My two children would often get colds or very run down, but I can honestly say the Winter Tonic helped them both so much. I will be placing an order again at the end of the Summer.”

Katie - West Ewell

“When I went to see Michelle one fine morning last April, neither of us knew then that she would be discharging me as her patient by the end of that appointment. It was a euphoric moment for me definitely and I think for Michelle too. By then I had been seeing her at least once a month, initially for homeopathy only and later for crystal healing too, for about two years. Needless to say, Michelle has become more than my homeopath – she is my healer, my inspiration, my shoulder to cry on, my secret sharer, my friend. So how do you thank someone who has been all this and an integral component of your healing journey? How do I summarise everything in one testimonial post? I shall try…”

“Well in short, Michelle has helped me manage my physical pains and eliminated my symptoms through homeopathy. And crystal healing has complemented the treatments by creating balance and promoting healing from within as well as on the emotional front for me. The last treatment that I had was the bioplasmic detox, which to me, was the pinnacle of the whole healing journey. The 2-week process, like any other forms of detox, caused some discomforts and re-surfaced some of my previous symptoms in the wake, but I came out the other end feeling great and pain-free. The ultimate result was, with Michelle’s help through homeopathy, I managed to avoid hysterectomy (as recommended by one of the best Consultant Gynaecologist in the UK for pain management). Speaking of pain, for years I had been in constant pain. My quality of life was deteriorating fast and I couldn’t function properly as a mother to my two little boys. I went back and forth to the GP who had only paracetamol as the answer. Within 2 weeks of my first ever appointment with Michelle, not only did she eliminate my main symptom then which was severe, persistent headache, but also connected all my other symptoms and pointed out the cause.”

“So I’m not exaggerating when I say this – It’s like I’ve been given a new lease of life. A life that doesn’t involve constant pain, extreme fatigue from bearing the pain day in day out and the feeling of hopelessness. Life is so different for me now. It’s fantastic and I’m so grateful every day. Thank you, Michelle, from the bottom of my heart, for everything. –”

Sumira - Banstead

“I’ve had three Hopi ear candling treatments from Michelle Wilkinson now having suffered from earache for years. I can honestly say it has made a huge difference, I haven’t had any pain at all since the first treatment. I don’t understand why it works but it does! Thanks so much Michelle. “–


Mary - Epsom