Archangel Metatron Solar Plexus Chakra Coaster

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The Archangel Metatron Solar Plexus Chakra Coaster brings you back to your personal power.  Connects you to the Centre Sun.  This is the centre where you need to make strong boundaries.  This is where we store our beliefs and  hold on to  our fear and anxiety.  The coaster is infused with Metatron's Energy, the homeopathic remedy Strawberry 12c, sacred geometry, crystal energies and colour.

Infuse your water with this energy by placing your water bottle onto the coaster leaving it here for five minutes before drinking and absorbing the supportive energies provided.

You can also place this on your body or beside your body to welcoming its healing properties bringing your Solar Plexus chakra back into alignment.

The coasters can be used with other healing modalities such as Archangel Metatron Healing, Reiki and reflexology.  You can work with the coaster alongside homeopathy and homeobotanical treatment.


1 review for Archangel Metatron Solar Plexus Chakra Coaster

  1. Bayari Beegan

    This is a very powerful coaster with multiple layers of significance. I am absolutely in love with it and so delighted to have received the nudge from Metatron to weave this into my Golden Glow balm. Michelle’s creative work with these coasters is so magical, so needed. Cannot recommend highly enough!

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