Etheric Weaver Healing


In May 2016 I experienced a healing  with the Buddha Maitreya Etheric Healing Weaver after I had a major accident.  I knew nothing about the healing power of the weaver other than it worked with the bodies Etheric energy body and that it contained magnets, which I knew had great healing power.  Most people are aware of healing with copper magnet bracelets for all sorts of aliments.  I read up on the weaver reading that “it is a healing tool that radiates the monadic, soul filled light and healing blessings of Buddha Maitreya – The reincarnation of Jesus the Christ to Awaken the Soul, Heal the personality and protect from Astral influences”.  Umm not sure about this but was willing to have an open mind to its energy and healing power.  Plus I was in so much pain, I would try anything.

After my first experience from receiving healing from the weaver via a healer friend of mine, I was quite taken aback by its power.  I lay on the couch relaxing and just focusing on my breathe with my eyes closed.  As the weaver was placed over my injuries I could feel pain being drawn from my leg out of my foot.  Once place above my head where I had concussion again, I could feel a drawing feeling.  I felt warm and tingly but also completely relaxed and I think I may even have well asleep because after what seemed like a few moments I was being asked to bring myself back into the room but wiggling my toes an fingers and preparing to open my eyes.  A whole hour had passed.

After the treatment the pain in my leg had near enough gone, my dizziness had vanished and I felt very relaxed and sleepy.  My healer advised me to drink plenty of water, do as little as possible for the rest of the day and if I could manage it a sleep.  She said that the energy within my etheric field and chakras needed to settle.

I went away and did exactly what she advised having a sleep which turned into a two hour sleep.  On waking the pain in my leg had gone completely and has not returned.  The lump on my head had reduce and although I have a slight lump left after each healing it is reducing.

This is my experience and I am not saying this will  happen to everyone one but I feel it is the best way to describe this amazing healing modality.

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“One of the things to understand with meditation or spiritual development, is that you are working on an energetic level. It’s subtle but it can be extremely powerful and influence you greatly if the right forms of integration happen. It has a healing effect on so many levels that it would have taken a person lifetimes to have gone through all the changes in their mental, emotional and physical body and lifestyle in order to bring about such a benefit.”

Therapy cost £50.00

Hear what my patients have experienced from this powerful healing tool!


Katie Harrison – 10 June 2016

Today I had the privilege of meeting Michelle for a Weaver therapy session. I am fairly new to alternative therapies and I am really interested in how different techniques can aid healing within us. I was given a really warm welcome by Michelle and taken into her wonderfully calm and relaxing cabin. Michelle explained what she was going to do and told me a bit about the Weaver. I then laid down on the bed and tuned into my breathing to the chanting music that was playing. I experienced many different feelings during the treatment, smells, light, movement within my own body, heat and a sense of calm and relaxation. Afterwards, Michelle was able to tell me the areas of weakness within my body and areas that I needed to work on. I was amazed when she told me to get my thyroid checked as this was something that I had only been reading and researching about earlier in the week! She also picked up that I have an autoimmune problem, and that I need to cut out certain food groups in order to heal my body from the inside. I knew this already, but had chosen to ignore it! I can ignore it no more! I had not mentioned any of my problems to Michelle before my treatment so when she mentioned these things to me, I was blown away! I have already booked in for my next treatment and I would urge anyone who is thinking of trying out this therapy to give it a go, you may well be as surprised as I was! Thank you Michelle and I look forward to my next treatment.


Sue Barclay – 10 June 2016

Yesterday morning I had a Weaver Healing session with Michelle. I came along to the session with no idea of what this session was about or how it may help me,but I came with an open mind. Although I use a lot of natural products to help with ailments and my daily lifestyle, I am not that familiar with some of the methods that Michelle uses – but I’m keen to learn.

I met Michelle a few months ago at a networking meeting and liked her friendly manner instantly. Yesterday she made me feel completely at ease, explained exactly what she was going to do and made me aware of what I may experience.

I find it very difficult to totally relax and switch off, as many of us do, but know that for me to move forward in my business, and to find inner peace, I need to learn this. Michelle picked up on this during the session. During the session I relaxed like I haven’t done in a long time, my mind switched off to everything other than what was going on around me. The session ended and I felt a lightness (hard to explain) and a relaxation that I haven’t done for a long time, and I came away feeling very happy – something that stayed with me for the rest of the day.

Michelle was not pushy, although she made me aware of some of her sessions that may help me. She has suggested independent activities that may help me and I feel that she really cared for my well being. I am very happy to recommend her services to anyone, and especially the Weaver Healing, and suggest that you be open enough to see her.  Thank you Michelle!


Amanda Barker 2nd June 2016
Went today to see Michelle for the first time and to have a treatment with her Etheric healing weaver, she made me feel relaxed straight away and the whole room etc was very relaxing too. During the treatment I felt very relaxed and tried to focus on the music as advised. During the treatment I could feel my head start to hurt a little which is normal when I go for any kind of massage or treatment as it is the tension in my neck muscles relaxing so I could feel it was doing some good. After the treatment Michelle advised me to try a couple of other therapies which I will do and will report back on them in a couple of weeks. I left there feeling very relaxed and sleepy and looking forward to a good nights sleep. Thanks Michelle