About Michelle


I started my spiritual journey seriously back in 2000, but have always been aware of the angels around me but never really let them into my life (or if I am honest found the time to go within to receive the messages they were trying to give me).  I started to read books and become mindful of angels and crystals when I was trying to conceive with my son in 2001.

After giving birth to my son, I gave up my job as a legal secretary and retrained to become a massage therapist and reflexologist and set up my own practice in 2004.  I added to my therapies along the way and finally became aware of energy when I did a Reiki course and then trained to become a homeopath.  That’s when my eyes were opened to energy and how it worked beautifully with the body and mind.  This part of my journey really started to open me up spiritually.  I trust in my ability to channel Metatron’s energy now it has become second nature and a great asset to have when you are going through challenging times yourself, as well as being able to help others on their journey through life.  I now carry out Metatron Distance healings and in person in my Cabin in Epsom and Channelled card readings for those of you that need some guidance and wisdom with regard to your business/career and personal life.  Archangel Metatron is my main guide but I do channel many of the ascended masters and Archangels also.  I am also a Archangel Metatron Teacher and run Metatron Training & Attunement Level 1 and 2 Workshops on behalf of Amanda Ellis of Angelic Celestial Colours who I trained with and as one of her Teachers am able to run these course (its all Amanda’s work I am just a facilitator)

I love working with children, they are so open to all things spiritual I find.  They love my crystal wands, my crystal collection, my singing bowls, and my shamanic drum.  They love pulling oracle cards and getting little messages.  

Iam also a homeopath and homeobotanicals practitioner  (you can find more information about this on my wellbeing website www.michellegwesthomeopathy.co.uk )