Welcome to Angelic Mamas, Angelic guidance and healing for business, health and life.

Hi, my name is Michelle, I am firstly a mum to two amazing teenage kids but I also have a passion for all things natural. I work from home in my cabin in the garden in Epsom, which I call the Healing Haven, where you can come and relax, unwind and de-stress.

I am a homeopath, reflexologist, crystal healer and an Archangel Metatron Colour Energy Healer.  I specialise in giving my clients guidance and insight into their business, health and life by channelling the energy of Archangel Metatron and the Angelic realm via card readings and holistic therapies.  I also run meditation groups and am a qualified Archangel Metatron Teacher, attuning others to his energy so you can go out into the world either healing your family and friends or set up your own healing practice.

I personally work with the chakra system (the energy system of the body) ensuring the vortex of energy of the chakras are kept cleared from sludge as I call it enabling them to spin and ensure that they are healthy stopping aliments and disease from manifesting in the body and mind.  The chakras are connected to the endocrine system, which is our hormonal system which affects all of our body systems and functions.  So it is very important that these are kept clear and in balance for abundance, good health and vitality to be present in our lives.

To ensure this is achieved I use homeopathy, flower essences, reflexology, crystal healing and energy healing to bring the body back into balance and provide relaxation and calm to my clients releasing stress, anxiety and fear from the body and mind.  I also use Archangel Metatron Aura Sprays, which smell divine with their amazing essential oils and crystal energy (made by the lovely Amanda Ellis)  These are used during my sessions and then I advise my clients which ones they should purchase to support the healing energy they have received from my therapies until their next visit with me.  I also use colour visualisation and crystals to support all of my therapies.

Quite often I provide channelled messages for my clients during healing sessions and guidance for their health, life and career be that their own business or employment.  I try to unravel what the mind and body are trying to communicate to them.

I started my spiritual journey seriously back in 2000, but have always been aware of the angels around me but never really let them into my life (or if I am honest found the time to go within to receive the messages they were trying to give me).  I started to read books and become mindful of angels and crystals when I was trying to conceive with my son in 2001.

After giving birth to my son, I gave up my job as a legal secretary and retrained to become a massage therapist and reflexologist and set up my own practice in 2004.  I added to my therapies along the way and finally became aware of energy when I did a Reiki course and then trained to become a homeopath.  That’s when my eyes were opened to energy and how it worked beautifully with the body and mind.  This part of my journey really started to open me up spiritually.  It has only been over the last 18 months that I have started to really trust in my ability to channel Metatron’s energy (although it has been there for some time I didn’t believe I could do it) and now it has become second nature and a great asset to have when you are going through channelling times yourself, as well as being able to help others on their journey through life.

I love working with children, they are so open to all things spiritual I find.  They love my crystal wands, my crystal collection, my singing bowls and my shamanic drum.  They love pulling oracle cards and getting little messages.  I find they are very open to homeopathy as it tastes much nicer to take than medicine or so my kids tell me. They also have the added bonus of it being a natural, non-toxic and non-addictive yet effective form of medicine that isn’t tested on animals. My kids love taking homeopathy as they don’t like the taste of prescribed medicines a lot of the time.  My daughter would never take Calpol even as a baby but we have a homeopathic alternative in our house with the added bonus of being able to take it every 15 minutes rather than every 4 hours.

So if you feel drawn to my energy and would like to try something natural and alternative, why not get in touch and see how I can help you with your health, life and business/career paths using my spiritual connection and alternative therapies. I share lots of tips, advice and help on my bog and social media platforms, so that’s a great place to start.