Welcome to Angelic Mamas, Angelic guidance and healing for business, health and life.


Hi, my name is Michelle, I am firstly a mum to two amazing teenage kids but I also have a passion for all things natural. I work from my cabin in Epsom, which I call the Healing Haven, where you can come and relax, unwind and de-stress. 

I am a homeopath, reflexologist, crystal healer and an Archangel Metatron Colour Energy Healer.  I specialise in giving my clients guidance and insight into their business, health and life by channelling the energy of Archangel Metatron and the Angelic realm via card readings and holistic therapies.  I am a qualified Archangel Metatron Teacher, attuning others to his energy so you can go out into the world either healing your family and friends or set up your own healing practice.

I work with the chakra system (the energy system of the body) ensuring the vortex of energy of the chakras are kept cleared from sludge as I call it enabling them to spin and ensure that they are healthy stopping aliments and disease from manifesting in the body and mind.  

Quite often I provide channelled messages for my clients during healing sessions and guidance for their health, life and career be that their own business. 

So if you feel drawn to my energy and would like to try something natural and alternative, why not get in touch and see how I can help you with your health, life and business/career paths using my spiritual connection and alternative therapies. I share lots of tips, advice and help on my blog and social media platforms, so that’s a great place to start to get to know how I work to see if we are a good fit..